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Month: October 2020

Pastels for Drawing

            Many people enjoy making art with pastels since they produce the right colors, and you can dive correctly without requiring paintbrushes, solvents, or a palette. All you need are some pastel sticks, a sheet of paper, and your fingers. There are no platforms that allow you to use rich color to support as faster as you can as pastels. Pastels are created by combining different dry pigments, some chalks, and a binder to developContinue readingPastels for Drawing

Portrait as a Genre of Visual Art

           Portraits are among the most important genres in the history of art. Portraits are the most commonly used artistic genre in art generally. It can perform very powerful magic despite all the obstacles it is facing today. They are very popular and live today and even in the coming days. Portraits can symbolize a figure’s physical and psychological characteristics, which makes it very magical. When designing a portrait, the artist focuses on showing the sitter’s appearanceContinue readingPortrait as a Genre of Visual Art

What is Impressionism?

        Impressionism is all over the world of art for almost one hundred and fifty years, and it is admired mainly by experts familiar with the public. It is also widely exhibited in the world’s number of museums. Renowned for its painters’ pioneering approach to art, the groundbreaking genre has provided the emergence and shaped the evolution of many art movements, solidifying its function as a catalyst for modern art. While identical impressionism aesthetic is undoubtedly impressive, theContinue readingWhat is Impressionism?

Pop Art

         Perhaps, the commonly known artistic development of the twentieth century, pop art appeared in reaction to consumerism, mass media, and everyday culture. This movement emerged in the 1950s and got significant momentum in the sixties. Pop art moved away from the theory and ways used in abstract expressionism, the number one movement that came before it. Instead, it relied on daily objects and media such as newspapers, comic books, magazines, and other mundane items to result inContinue readingPop Art

History of Graphic Arts

            Graphic art is the way of designing graphics or producing visuals on a surface. It is the art and profession of selecting and arranging visual elements like typography, symbols, images, and colors to communicate a message to the audience. This can happen on canvas, stone, pottery, or the screen of computers. With various media types to work with, graphic design’s artistic method covers visuals from drawings and symbols to graphs and charts, custom logoContinue readingHistory of Graphic Arts

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