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Month: October 2020

Types And Genre of Fine Arts

          Fine art is a visual art perceived to have been designed primarily for aesthetic and intellectual reasons and judged for its beauty and importance. In European academic traditions, fine art grew mainly to aesthetics and beauty, differentiating it from decorative art or applied art, which was also to perform some practical functions like poetry or majority of the metalwork. In the aesthetic theories designed in the Italian Renaissance, the topmost art was the one whichContinue readingTypes And Genre of Fine Arts

Visual Art

            Visual art introduction has played a significant role in shaping the culture and daily life experience. What makes painting possible, and what motivates a sculptor to create? What captures the reader’s attention on the newsstand? Visual art content is affected by several factors, like the language used in visual communication, historical and social forces. The study of visual arts offers an opportunity to create your artistic expression in any area of 2- D and 3-Continue readingVisual Art

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