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What is Traditional Photograghy?

Today, photography has evolved through many years and will continue changing as time moves. The invention of the digital camera is one of the most significant changes experienced. Digital cameras have given many photographers much easier jobs like autofocus, but still, traditional photography has so many advantages compared to digital photography. Photography is the way one captures moments of a lifetime and replicating them digitally or on pieces of paper according to the perspective view. On the other hand, fromContinue readingWhat is Traditional Photograghy?

The popularity of black and white Photography

       Black and white photography combines the black and white spectrum, which then produces a range of shades of grey. The black and white photography eliminates any distraction of color. It helps the viewer to focus on other aspects of the photo. These aspects could be the subject of the photo, the patterns, shape, composition, and textures. Let us take a look back at how black and white photography came to be. History of black and white photography Before the 1820sContinue readingThe popularity of black and white Photography

Invention of Photography

          The first photography technology was invented in the 1830s and 1840s. Photography invention would change culture and communication in the West part of the world forever. Images for real life could be taken for the first time. Photography is ubiquitous today, be it in science, advertising, current event media, personal snaps, or even propaganda. It isn’t easy to think of a world without photography, even though it never existed back then. During the time betweenContinue readingInvention of Photography

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